Sun, fun and fish galore

A dozen people, plus their IDEA Services support staff, enjoy day's fishing courtesy of the IHC Mana-Kapiti Association.

A day on the water, with plenty of sunshine, fish and smiles.

The annual fishing trip is a highlight for a dozen people from Mana, north of Wellington, and their IDEA Services support staff.

The group go out on a boat belonging to Cook Strait Fishing Charters. The bulk of the costs is generously covered by the IHC Mana-Kapiti Association.

"Everyone really looks forward to it," says Adrian Hope, who's been with IDEA Services for 15 years.

"Everyone’s saying, 'when are we going to go fishing?'"

"It was great to see the absolute joy on everyone’s faces"

On their most recent outing, the group reeled in 20 kahawai, five gurnard, and two red cod. And nothing went to waste: fish were filleted on board and packaged to take home for dinner.

"It was great to see the absolute joy on everyone’s faces," says skipper Jono Delich.

"It’s always a pleasure to have the group on board, whether they catch no fish, one fish or loads of fish."

As anyone familiar with Wellington knows, the weather can sometimes be a "catch". But everyone is well-looked after, safe in their life jackets at all times, and the boat only goes out in ideal conditions. So good in fact, that everyone gets to enjoy an onboard barbeque.

Now everyone's waiting with "baited" breath for the next outing!

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