Specialist Services

Specialist Services

IDEA Services provides supported accommodation for individuals who endure mental health issues alongside their disability.

These needs include mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities or a dual diagnosis.

Our values

Our staff offer round-the-clock services and place significance on the following values:

  • The environment
  • Importance of support
  • Social relationships
  • Being involved in the local community

Our objectives

The objectives of our Mental Health Services are to:

  • Enable the people we support to achieve as much independence as possible within their home environment and the community
  • Create a culture of partnership, responsiveness and innovation in a supporting and safe way
  • Promote community understanding of intellectual disability and mental health

Services for people in compulsory care

IDEA Services provides compulsory care that focuses on rehabilitation.

This is a Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Service (RIDSAS), contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide rehabilitation services for people with high and complex needs who have committed an offence.

Auckland and Wellington locations

We have locations for this service in both Auckland and Wellington, where we support people who are ordered by the court under the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003.

The complexities of this group require the services to be flexible and responsive to their changing needs as they are supported through their rehabilitation.

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