Our people

IDEA Services Board

  • Suzanne Win, IDEA Services Board Chair
  • Tony Shaw, IHC Board Chair
  • Ralph Jones, IHC Group Chief Executive
  • Lynne Lane
  • Barbara Rocco
  • Cherie McConville
  • Jean O'Callaghan
  • Vicki Owen

IHC Executive Group

  • Ralph Jones, IHC Group Chief Executive
  • Joan Cowan, Chief Operating Officer, IDEA Services and Choices NZ
  • Donna Mitchell, General Manager Service Development and Strategy, General Manager Human Resources
  • Greg Orchard, Accessible Properties Chief Executive
  • Andrew Procter, General Manager Corporate Services
  • Deb Hammond, General Manager Group Health and Safety
  • Gina Rogers, General Manager Communications
  • Janine Stewart, General Manager IHC Programmes