Bob sees the world

IDEA Services resident Bob Kemp wears Union Jack while visiting Buckingham Palace

Bob Kemp’s got the travel bug – and with support from IDEAS Services he’s seen more of the world than many Kiwis.

From his IDEA Services residential home in Invercargill, Bob’s been to England, France, Singapore, America and Mexico, enjoyed a cruise, and he’s not done yet.

“Bob just goes to show that anything’s possible,” says Southland service manager Lee Kruskopf.

“He’s a very well-travelled man.”

Bob travels with his brother, with both using a travel agent called Identity Tours, which has staff trained to support people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

“We help with the planning, liaise with the agent, help him with things like his passport – which had expired before his most recent trip – and reassure any anxieties about support overseas,” Lee explains.

"He brings back money from all over the world, which we help laminate so he can show everyone"

Although he’s in his 60s, Bob loves his job in the kitchen at Southland disAbility Enterprises, which helps fund his travels.

“It’s great to see him when he comes back, he brings back money from all over the world, which we help laminate so he can show everyone,” Lee says.

“What was good on his trip to the UK was tracking it via a Facebook page, meaning we sort of went on the journey with him.

“And just to see his face light up when he looks back at his holiday snaps is awesome.”

Lee says Japan is top of Bob’s travel wishlist.

“With our help, people can reach the stars.”

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