Banking for People with Intellectual Disabilities – June 2021

At IHC we are continuing to work across the board to find good ways for people with intellectual disabilities to manage and access their money given banking changes.

We have been talking with people we support, their families, our staff, the banks and the New Zealand Bankers’ Association about the end of cheque use and the reduction in cash use.  

We had hoped this would result in the banks providing alternatives that worked for the people we support.  

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet and so for the people we support we have put in place an interim process while we work to identify a better, more permanent solution.  

If, and when, we get better solutions we will share what information we can more widely. We are continuing to meet, discuss and attend banking forums and we know banks are looking at tools that maintain security but could make life easier.

In our services, where a person manages their finances themselves, has an external financial manager and/or is supported by their family/whānau to manage their finances, naturally we expect that to continue.

Where IDEA Services / Choices NZ acts on behalf of the person to support the management of their finances, we have processes in place to make payments on their behalf so spending can continue.

As everyone has different capabilities and handles their finances differently, everyone will require a customised solution.  This customised solution will be based on the individual’s assessed competencies and their access to other support such as family.  This will take time develop.

We look forward to hopefully updating and sharing new initiatives that may work long-term for everyone.

Andrew Procter

IHC General Manager Corporate Services

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